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What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Makeup is a cosmetic tattoo. It is implanting pigment into the Dermis Layer of the skin.

Who can benefit from Permanent Makeup?

Almost anyone! Some reasons may include: you have allergies, are busy, are active, want to restore natural-looking color, need better feature symmetry (most of us do!), have a hard time or are tired of putting your makeup on everyday, have sparse or no hair in eyebrows or lash line, have shaky hands, or those with a visual impairment.

Should I choose the machine or hand method?

MACHINE METHOD – works like sewing machine moving in and out of the skin several times per second. Some parts need autoclave sterilization.

HAND METHOD – this is the ancient method of tattooing with a modern twist. All needles a package in sterile containers and designed for 1 time use. There are no moving parts.

It is not as important what method you choose as the skill of the technician. I use the hand method. It delivers a very soft and natural effect. I find it is very gentle compared to other methods and I always have total control.

How painful is the application?

A Topical anesthetic is applied for all procedures to maximize comfort. It is not uncommon for a client to fall asleep during the procedure. If you know you have an “extremely low” pain tolerance other methods are available to add additional comfort.

How long does it take?

Each Permanent Makeup procedure will take approximately 1-2 hours.

How long does it last?

On average, the Softap® method will last anywhere from 1-10 years depending on the depth of color, how natural or dramatic you choose to go, and your own body chemistry.

What is the recovery time?

Total recovery time is 5-7 days. You may experience puffiness or swelling for the first 1-3 days. You will be instructed to keep an ointment on the treated area during that time. Although you may not choose to, I have had several clients return to work that same day.

What should I expect afterwards?

The area may be tender and puffy for a few days. The color will oxidize immediately after the procedure and look “too dark”. This is good! After a few days of healing the treated area will peel or flake, similar to a minor sunburn, leaving your desired color. You will book your follow up appointment 2-4 weeks out to perfect your makeup. It is advisable to allow approximately 1 week of healing time before any major event. Wait 4-5 days for eyeliner and brows and 5-6 days for any lip procedures

Can I still wear regular makeup?

Absolutely! Permanent makeup will just enhance any other cosmetics you use!

What if I want to change my hair color?

This is not really a concern when having your eyeliner or lips done. The colors selected are chosen according to the hues found in your skin and brow hair, and should appear natural with any hair color.

What about changing styles?

Thicker, fuller looking lashes, beautifully arched brows, evenly shaped natural looking, luscious lips never go out of style. I assist my clients in choosing the most flattering, natural look for them. Maybe 10% of my clientele ask for something that is seasonal, like bright blue eyeliner or ruby red lips, but even these colors can be transformed into more natural colors later on.

Can I get cosmetic surgery if I have Permanent Makeup?

Absolutely! Properly placed Permanent Makeup will no affect on cosmetic surgery.

Am I safe?

My clients’ health and safety are the most important parts of any and every procedure. I use pre-sterilized, one-time-use needles. All supplies are 100% disposable.

How do I wisely choose a Permanent Makeup Artist?

Always look at the Artists’ work. Make sure that their photos are their own. Have the technician apply conventional makeup on you first. If the technicians cannot apply your makeup the way you like, Chances are they cannot apply your Permanent makeup the way you like either. Always choose a technician you communicate well with, and who listens to your wants and needs. If you have more questions or concerns, contact me for your complimentary consultation where we will discuss your needs in detail.

What should I do to prepare?

Look at your calendar before scheduling your treatment to ensure you have healing time before any major event. Wait 4-5 days for eyeliner and brows and 5-6 days for any lip procedures. Remove contact lenses prior to any eyeliner treatments.

Should I worry about allergies?

No, I only use iron oxide pigments from the most highly regarded companies in the industry. If allergies are a concern for you a patch test can be done prior to your treatment. I have used these products on super sensitive clients with great results. Remember, permanent makeup is a wonderful alternative to cosmetics, if you have sensitive skin or allergies.

Will I still be able to have an MRI?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to have an MRI after having permanent makeup. I personally have had 2 MRIs while wearing permanent makeup.

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